1. Are we opening our services to everyone in NYS except for those who live in Yonkers or NYC?
    1. Yes, because with this platform we should be able to accommodate clients with NYS Income. We are also sharing this information with community partners.


  1. Are 1040-X returns in scope?
    1. No


  1. Are HSA returns in scope?
    1. Yes, they will be assigned to a preparer who is certified for HSA returns


  1. Are clients who need interpreters in scope?
    1. Yes, Ellen or Susan will manage any language line requests.




  1. Can tax documents and TS be viewed on a split screen on a monitor?
    1. Tax Preparers will need to open a 2d browser.  Can also use a smart phone with a large screen or Ipad


  1. Will using Docusign/Tax Slayer create cookies?
    1. To date, no one who has been in Docusign or TS has had a problem with cookies.  However, this is being investigated


  1. Can documents in an envelope be rotated?
    1. Yes


  1. 1 Is Taxslayer able to be used on Mac computers/ any brower? 
    1. Yes




  1. How do folks load info into docusign?
    1. There is a link in Docusign for uploading documents. Clients can take a picture or scan and then upload; initial review by CASH staff will ensure readability of uploaded documents


  1. What process will the Tax Preparation volunteers use to gain access to the Tax Slayer software? Will there be a link included in the Docusign Envelope?
    1. Tax Preparers will be sent the link to the TaxSlayer Software prior to the start of the first return. Volunteers will also be reminded of their TaxSlayer UserID. If they don’t remember their password, a reset option is available when signing into TaxSlayer.


  1. Will the same “Help” PDF documents be available to the Tax Preparation volunteers (ie Bank Routing Number listings, zip code/county lookups, etc….)?
    1. A link will be provided to volunteers. Either in an email or on the CASH Training Page.


  1. If the tax preparation volunteer has a question during the completion of the tax return, how does the tax preparation volunteer “Raise a Red Card” to consult before completing the return for QA?
    1. Questions should be directed to eoberton@empirejustice.org. If the answer is not readily available by email, phone contact or a zoom meeting can be set up to answer questions. 


  1. What happens if I am interrupted in the middle of preparing a return?
    1. Click on FINISH LATER.  You will be taken to the point where you left off.


  1. Is there a place/way to insert “sticky notes”?
    1. Yes – in the QR sheet


  1. Will volunteers be assigned the Screener Role?
    1. Not for this initial launch.  Volunteers will need to have Google Voice to contact clients directly (to avoid giving out volunteer personal phone numbers)

      15. Who sets the due date for the returns?

    1.  The screener will set the due date which will be 5 days from receipt of the client’s envelope.  Generally, we are allowing 3-5 days for completion.

      16. Is there a time expected to receive a return?

    1. No because we don’t know when the client will send it in.  Volunteers should check email once a day.


        17. Will the tax prepare have the ability to update/correct the 13614-C?

    1. Yes, they will.  This should not happen often since the 13614-C will be reviewed and signed off by the Screener




 18- Are other VITA sites piloting the Virtual Vita Program?

  1. Yes; not sure how many in NYS.  Some sites are using another platform in addition to Docusign.  CASH is using just the one Docusign Platform


19-Can volunteers do their own tax returns (or family member) in TS

  1.  Yes and do not have to go through Docsign process


20-If a volunteer is unavailable, who should he/she contact?

  1. LeeAna  – lhess@empirejustice.org


Expectation of volunteers/steps in the process

  • Volunteer will receive an email on a specified day according to the volunteer schedule
  • TS activation will be turned on.  Note:  Volunteers will be able to access TaxSlayer anytime
  • Staff will  assess number of returns to be done in the morning, review the team volunteer schedules and assign accordingly
  • 1 envelope/Tax return per volunteer at a time
  • Once return is completed in TaxSlayer, volunteer needs to go back in the envelope and click on FINISH.  Docusign will then send an automatic notification to the QR volunteer that it’s ready for QR
  • Volunteers are NOT to click on “complete” in TS; client still has to review the return, sign the authorization forms and send back to CASH.  CASH will then mark the return ‘complete’


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