Working Your Way Through the Sequential Evaluation

Michelle Michelle September 29, 2021

Previously Recorded 9/28/2021

Claimants applying for disability benefits and working at the same time may seem like a contradiction in terms – but it can and does happen. Not surprisingly, these work attempts can often wreak havoc with the application process. Even if a claimant is not currently working, recent – or “past relevant work” – can also adversely impact the disability process.  And despite some of the problems that past work and work attempts can cause, good work histories and valiant work attempts can often be used to bolster a claimant’s case.

This session will explore a sampling of some of these thorny work-related issues that can arise at various steps of SSA’s Sequential Evaluation process.

Panelists: Doris Cortes, Empire Justice Center; Rezwanul Islam, Nassau Suffolk Law Services; Michael Roberts, Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York; Michael Telfer, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern NY.  Webinar Moderator:  Kate Callery, Empire Justice Center

Materials:  PowerPoint, SSA Memorandum, Walton Chart