What Foreclosure Prevention Advocates Should Know about Estate Administration

Michelle Michelle September 10, 2021

Previously Recorded 9/9/2021

There are few foreclosure advocates who have not encountered a trusts and estates issue while representing a homeowner in a foreclosure action.  “What Foreclosure Prevention Advocates Should Know about Estate Administration” will simplify an often-complicated estate administration process while clarifying and navigating its relationship to foreclosure.  Specifically, it will explain the differences between probate and administration proceedings, highlighting the required estate proceeding parties and those persons required to be served in foreclosure actions.  Using an intestate inheritance flowchart, the presentation will demystify identifying estate distributees and their commensurate distributive share, while narrowing which homeowners should implement an estate plan.   Most important, the presentation will assess when an estate may present insurmountable obstacles, which could make resolution of the underlying foreclosure action impossible.  While the presentation is geared toward attorneys, housing counselors are encouraged to attend.

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