What about the Marital Residence? Family Law Topics for Foreclosure Defense Advocates

Michelle Michelle July 13, 2021

Previously recorded 7/13/2021 – Whether retained by a party or sold, the family law legal processes that govern the fate of the marital residence in a divorce action can be quite complicated.  Add to that a collateral foreclosure case, and the homeowner is faced with nothing less than a daunting experience, while the foreclosure practitioner must navigate often largely unfamiliar divorce law territory.  This webinar will provide a basic overview of the family law issues that often run alongside a simultaneously pending foreclosure, including equitable distribution, domestic violence, custody and support, while providing the tools for how to best navigate them in a foreclosure matter.

Materials:  PowerPoint & Resource List

Presenter:  Laura A. Russell, Esq, Director, Family/Domestic Violence Unit, The Legal Aid Society, New York City