Understanding Redlining and the Extractive Economy

Michelle Michelle April 27, 2022

Empire Justice Center is excited to announce our third training under our Building Equity Initiative, a new component of our Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP) The Building Equity Initiative focuses on informing, educating and involving advocates to support and promote equity, inclusion and accessibility for New York State homeowners.

Join Empire Justice Center and Gregory Jost for a webinar training on understanding the history of race and place in the United States. Have you ever wondered how the practice of “redlining” originated and developed over many decades? Many of the issues our neighborhoods and homeowners of color continue to face are rooted in this historic practice. In this training, you will gain a strong understanding of how historic housing and homeownership policies and practices helped fuel segregation, the racial wealth gap, and many other societal inequalities in New York State. While the issues may seem intractable, you will also learn about and (hopefully) be inspired by the community work during the past century. We will end the training by beginning to consider how Empire Justice Center and HOPP grantees can better incorporate this historical context into the design of our response strategies to advance equity in homeownership in our communities.  This presentation was recorded April 27, 2022.

Presenter: Gregory Jost

Materials:  PowerPoint Presentation and Resource List