Tools and Techniques for Researching Ownership of Notes and Mortgages

Shannon Sswiatek April 09, 2014

This webinar addresses the various circumstances in which ownership of a loan can matter; explains methods for investigating the ownership of the mortgage and note; and explores what can happen, in litigation and in negotiation contexts, when ownership questions arise.  The vast majority of mortgages are not maintained and serviced by their originating lenders, but are sold as collateral for securities.  One result of the securitization of mortgage loans is that when securitized loans default, it is often difficult to determine which financial institution owns the loan and has the right to enforce the mortgage.  Securitization can also create confusion and uncertainty about which entity is authorized to enter into modification agreements with borrowers with delinquent loans, and what rules may govern how – or whether – that loan may be modified.

Webinar Resources:

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