Supporting LGBTQ Older Adults Experiencing Intimate Partner Abuse

Michelle Michelle June 24, 2021

Previously recorded 6/24/2021 – Living in today’s world where advances include marriage equality, anti-discrimination protections, high school clubs supporting LGBTQ students and allies, LGBTQ-centered community service providers, and more, it can be hard for different generations to understand the significant social stigma, fear and secrecy that shaped older generations of LGBTQ people.  While LGBTQ people are still unsafe and have yet to gain complete equality, the growing acceptance and legal protections were almost unimaginable even a few decades ago. The special challenges facing many LGBTQ older adults have to understood and kept in mind when interviewing, supporting, and serving this community.

This webinar will provide participants with a focus on abuse of LGBTQ seniors, including better understanding the lived experiences of LGBTQ older adults, the unique ways that they may be abused, and legal relief and resources that can be leveraged for support.

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Presenter: Christopher Phillips, Esq., Silver Pride Partnership and Borchard Fellow, Center for Elder Law and Justice