Settlement Conference Overview & Loss Mitigation Programs

Michelle Michelle January 13, 2023

This presentation was recorded 1/13/2023

In this training presentation, we will review a range of loss mitigation tools such as Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE’s) like Freddie and Fannie, FHA and private trusts. We’ll go over the basics and terminology used and talk a bit about the COVID adjustments that have happened over the past couple of years. We’ll get into the CPLR 3408 Settlement Conference Law, good faith negotiation requirements, statutory rights, motions and attorneys fees. Finally we’ll review other tools used during the loss mitigation process under RESPA and NY Mortgage Servicing Regulations (Part 419), complaints with the AG, DFS, CFPB and working with housing counselors.

Presenters: Kathleen Maher, Staff Attorney, Nassau Suffolk Law Services and Derek Tarson, Deputy Director, LAS of Rockland County

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