Providing Foreclosure Prevention Services for Seniors and Veterans

Michelle Michelle May 25, 2022

Empire Justice Center is excited to announce our Building Equity Initiative, a new component of our Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP).  Advocates will learn to recognize barriers that have historically prevented New Yorkers from many communities and with specific identities from attaining and maintaining homeownership and provide tools to ensure foreclosure prevention services are inclusive and equitable.


Join Empire Justice Center and Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc. (“LawNY”) for a virtual webinar on how to effectively provide services to and advocate for clients who are seniors and veterans from two attorneys within LawNY’s Special Populations Program. Presenters will share information about VA benefits, federal and state housing and consumer law protections for homeowners, and critical information about elder law that is valuable to know for the foreclosure practitioner.  This presentation was recorded on 5/25/2022.

Materials:  PowerPoint