Prescription Drugs in Medicaid: Navigating Managed Care Requirements

Kristi Khughes February 10, 2022

This webinar, recorded on 2/10/2022, will increase health and human services providers’ awareness of the issues clients face accessing HIV related medications in the Medicaid program. Participants will develop the skills necessary to compare drug formularies across managed care plans, satisfy prior authorization requirements and address denials by managed care plans. By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the Medicaid pharmacy benefit;
  • Navigate the State Health Department’s new website for the managed care pharmacy benefit;
  • Compare plan formularies;
  • Describe consumer protections in “prescriber prevails” procedures; and
  • Discuss the steps involved in helping clients appeal denials of medically necessary prescription drugs.


Target Audience: Health and human services providers who work with patients/ clients living with HIV

Presented by: Fiona Wolfe, Sr. Health Law Attorney, Empire Justice Center; Alexia Mickles, Esq., Health Law Attorney, Empire Justice Center; Karin Timour, NYS Dept. of Health.

Webinar Materials: 2/10/2022 Webinar PowerPoint