Preparing Effective Direct Examination

Michelle Michelle January 27, 2021

The Power of Persuasion: This three-part series for DAP advocates will focus on developing and presenting persuasive evidence – the catch phrase of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) 2017 evaluation of opinion regulations. Those regulations, which essentially replaced SSA’s “Treating Physician” regulations, were reviewed in CLE sessions in October, one of which is available here.

In Session 3, we will address how to prepare for and conduct an effective direct examination at a hearing before an SSA Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), focusing on claimants and corroborating witnesses including family members, case managers, and therapists. Direct testimony can be especially critical at later appeal stages. Sample – or “mock” – direct examinations will be conducted.

Presenters:  Emilia Sicilia, Empire Justice Center; Besty Lombaardi, Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York; Jim Denson, Nassau Suffolk Law Services; Melissa Zeidler, Legal Services New York City

Mock Hearing Participants: Vianka Colon, New York Legal Assistance Group; Blanca Quintanilla, New York Legal Assistance Group; Dao Sun, Legal Services New York City; Gerald Williams, Legal Services New York City

Materials:  Session 3 Materials  Attorney Affirmation Form  Session 3 Evaluation Form