Nonbinary Identities and the Law

Kristi Khughes November 20, 2019

This webinar was recorded on 11/18/2019

Not everyone identifies as female or male. In recent years, nonbinary identities have been increasingly recognized in both social consciousness and in law and policy. In fact, the legal landscape is shifting rapidly with expending legal recognition and protections. This webinar will provide a basic foundational overview of nonbinary identities, case law and policy changes impacting New Yorkers, and practical strategies for welcoming and advocating for our clients. We will also begin to explore the intersection of intimate partner violence on nonbinary survivors.

Presented by: Charlie Arrowood, Esq., Transcend Legal  Webinar Moderator: Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq., Empire Justice Center

Webinar Materials: Webinar PowerPoint