Medicaid with Medicare: Coordinating Benefits for HIV+ Dual Eligibles

Michelle Michelle April 12, 2022

This presentation, recorded on 4/12/2022, will provide a basic explanation of how these two programs fit together for individuals living with HIV that are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare (dual eligibles), with special emphases on the Medicare Part D drug benefit and how to best coordinate that coverage with other public health programs in New York State, like ADAP, EPIC and Medicaid. We will also discuss the problems clients are likely to encounter in applying for the Part D’s low-income subsidy and identify advocacy strategies to maximize help with prescription drug costs.

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • Get a sound overview and become familiar with the differences between the AIDs Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Medicare and Medicaid
  • Understand the eligibility requirements, services covered, costs and how to apply for these programs
  • Know how Medicare, Medicaid and ADAP can work together
  • Learn about other programs that help with Medicare cost sharing
  • Identify advocacy strategies to help your client maximize help with prescription drug costs

This webinar is specifically designed for health or social services providers and legal advocates who work with or advocate for people with HIV / AIDs.

Presented by: Fiona Wolfe, Esq., Health Law Sr. Staff Attorney, Empire Justice Center, Alexia Mickles, Esq., Health Law Staff Attorney, Empire Justice Center

Training Materials: PowerPoint