LGBTQ Domestic Violence Annual Statewide Roundtable Meeting – Day 1

Michelle Michelle December 06, 2022

Transgender Kids and Navigating Interstate Issues

Presented by:  Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq., Empire Justice Center

For LGBTQ+ youth, their families of origin may not always be safe or supportive.  However, add to that the recent and increasingly hostile state-sponsored bills and policies specifically targeting transgender children, as well as their gender-affirming supportive family and care providers.  Taken together, New York may see children and families come to our jurisdiction seeking safety, care, or a fresh start.  In some cases, these moves may result in family law challenges, especially where coercive control or intimate partner violence and child abuse and neglect concerns must also be navigated.  This program will begin to explore this emerging issue including a look at California’s new refuge law, New York’s pending legislation, as well as utilizing interstate UCCJEA issues where there are custody disputes.

Learning Exchange: NY’s New LGBTQIA+ Endorsement Program

Presented by: Catherine Shugrue dos Santos, MSW and Ashley Young, Esq., NYC Anti-Violence Project, Alicia Borns & Kathy Grant, LCSW, NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

OPDV is embarking on a new initiative to develop, launch and implement a LGBTQ Endorsement Program for domestic and sexual violence service delivery to reduce the barriers that LGBTQ survivors of gender-based violence face when seeking safety. They are engaging in this initiative in partnership with NYC’s Anti-Violence Project, the oldest LGBTQ+ anti-violence program in the US.  This voluntary initiative will give domestic violence programs the opportunity to be “endorsed” as LGBTQ affirming and inclusive in their services, policies and practices, and will establish a new commitment to the LGBTQ community statewide.  In this session, civil legal services and other LGBTQ DV Roundtable stakeholders will engage in a learning exchange which will offer the opportunity to review proposed endorsement standards, provide vital feedback, and learn about next steps.

This program was recorded December 6, 2022.

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