LGBTQ Domestic Violence Annual Statewide Meeting – Day 2

Michelle Michelle December 03, 2021

Technology-Facilitated Abuse & LGBTQ+ Communities

LGBTQ+ Community members regularly seek connections with intimate partners online. Whether through dating or hook up apps, texting or through social media, technology is used to facilitate communication and intimacy. Simultaneously, as awareness of “sextortion”, non-consensual pornography, cyber-bullying has grown, technology is also recognized as a form of abuse. The targets of these harms are vast and reflect victims of every intersection around gender, age, race, economic status, sexual orientation and more. However, rare is the understanding that LGBTQ communities, particularly LGBTQ youth, are disproportionately the victims of these types of crimes. This session will provide information about how this form of violence and abuse impacts LGBTQ communities, as well as legal and non-legal interventions.  Presented by: Andrew Sta. Ana, Esq., Day One

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