Know Your Utility Rights During and After COVID-19

Michelle Michelle August 18, 2021

Previously recorded on August 18, 2021.  The information presented was current at the time of the presentation.

Many hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers were struggling with their utility and other vital bills even before our communities were economically devastated by COVID-19. Eighteen months after the pandemic began, millions more are now at-risk of having their service terminated for their continuing inability to pay their unaffordable utility bills. As we continue another record-breaking, hot summer, vulnerable New Yorkers must be able to stay safe and cool inside their homes without the worry of having necessary utility services like electric, gas, water, cable, phone or internet disconnected.  Topics presented include how to obtain an additional 180-day grace period on shutoffs, how to acquire a deferred payment agreement and the different financial assistance programs available to help pay utility bills.

Presenter:  Richard Berkley Esq., Executive Director of the Public Utility Law Project.