Introduction to Trauma Informed Care for Foreclosure Prevention Advocates – Part 2

Michelle Michelle June 15, 2022

Empire Justice Center is excited to announce our Building Equity Initiative, a new component of our Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP).  Advocates will learn to recognize barriers that have historically prevented many New Yorkers from attaining and maintaining homeownership and provide tools to ensure foreclosure prevention services are inclusive and equitable.

Join Empire Justice Center and Coordinated Care Services, Inc. for a virtual webinar focused on providing HOPP advocates a foundational understanding of trauma informed care and building capacity to deliver foreclosure prevention services in a trauma-responsive way. In Session 2, various approaches will be explored that support the journey of trauma responsiveness and resilience. Through the lens of the shared impacts of state and world constructs, including the Covid-19 pandemic, a deeper ability to recognize when stress and anxiety are “speaking” through interactions and/or behaviors. Meaningful and practical approaches to effectively respond will be introduced and will be inclusive of easy de-escalation techniques.  Special attention will be made to support service providers in their professional resilience by identifying protective factors and employing stress management techniques in daily routines.


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