Interstate Custody & Relocation in the Time of COVID-19

Michelle Michelle October 12, 2020

The pandemic has placed new stressors on families impacted by domestic violence.  Survivors may need to relocate to escape abuse, recover from illness, protect their health or the health of vulnerable family members, or seek family support.  Layoffs and reduced incomes are having severe financial impacts on survivors and their abusers causing people to seek work in new communities.  Abusers may also relocate as a tool of abuse or retaliation.  Where parents are already living in different states or jurisdictions, the pandemic is creating new challenges with cross-border visitation and return of children.  The presenters will discuss the UCCJEA and advising clients who may be considering relocation during this crisis.  Presenters will help participants learn through case hypotheticals.  This program is intended for participants who already have some knowledge about or experience with the UCCJEA.

Presenters:  Anna Maria Diamanti, Esq., Her Justice and Melina Sfakianaki, Esq., The Legal Aid Society NYC

Presentation Materials:  PowerPoint, NY UCCJEA NY Dom. Rel. Law Sect. 75 et seq., UCCJEA Cases Sept. 2020