Fighting Cyber Sexual Abuse: New Legislation, Litigation Strategies and Safety Tips

Kristi Khughes October 09, 2019

This webinar was recorded on 9/25/2019

New York has finally enacted legislation intended to more squarely address the destructive form of abuse often wrongly referred to as “revenge porn”.  More appropriately called “cyber sexual abuse” and “unlawful dissemination of intimate images”, this form of violence has allowed abusers to use technology to harass, threaten, coerce and humiliate their targets.  This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the new state-based civil (Family Court Act, Civil Rights Law) and criminal (Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law) laws, as well as other litigation strategies that can provide legal relief.  The trainers will also discuss safety planning and other interventions victims and their advocates can use to request take-downs of images and other media online.

Presented by: Lindsey Song, Esq. and Nicole Fidler, Esq., Sanctuary for Families.  Webinar Moderator: Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq., Empire Justice Center

Webinar Materials: Webinar PowerPoint  NYS Laws  Cyber Sexual Abuse Manual