Domestic Violence Programs & Service Animals

Kristi Khughes January 04, 2019

This webinar, recorded on 12/20/2018,  will explore how New York’s state laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other federal laws work together to regulate service and emotional support animals in domestic violence shelter settings. As domestic violence programs are crucial and invaluable providers of service and support to the community of survivors with disabilities, this webinar will help participants better understand:

• What are the differences between service animals, other assistance animals, and pets?
• What kinds of assistance do these animals provide?
• What laws apply to domestic violence programs?
• Can programs require the survivor to provide documentation of the animal’s training and use as a service animal?
• Who is responsible for the care and control of the animal while staying in the shelter?
• How do programs address disruptive or other behavior problems with the animal?
• How might programs handle common scenarios involving animals in shelter settings (such as other residents with severe animal dander allergies or fear of animals?)
• Using orders of protection to provide safety to animals

Presented by: Christina Brandt-Young, Esq., New York Legal Assistant Group; Marie Limbach, New York State Office of Children and Family Services; Amy Schwartz-Wallace, Esq., Empire Justice Center

Webinar Materials: 12-20-18 Webinar PPT  List of animals illegal to keep as pets in NYC 12.14  Service Animals and the ADA FAQ  Victims-Survivors-Who-Use-Service-Animals