Countering Evidence from CE, MEs, and MCs & PCs

Michelle Michelle January 19, 2021

The Power of Persuasion: This three-part series for DAP advocates will focus on developing and presenting persuasive evidence – the catch phrase of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) 2017 evaluation of opinion regulations. Those regulations, which essentially replaced SSA’s “Treating Physician” regulations, were reviewed in CLE sessions in October, one of which is available here.

In Session 2, opinions of Consultative Examiners (CEs), Medical Experts (MEs), and/or State Agency Medical and Psychological Consultants state (MCs & PCs) are frequently found more persuasive than those of a claimant’s treating sources.  We will discuss ways to challenge the findings and opinions of these sources.  We will discuss ways to challenge fthe findings and opinions of these sources, including but not limited to using interrogatories or subpoenas.

Presenters:  Anne Biddle, Legal Services of New York City; Michelle Spadafore, New York Legal Assistance Group; Mike Telfer, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern NY; Danielle Bernard, LawNY

Materials:  Session 2 Materials  Attorney Affirmation Form  Session 2 Evaluation Form