How Attorneys Representing Domestic Violence Survivors Can Obtain ADA Accommodations in NY’s Courts

Kristi Khughes June 07, 2017

The New York’s Unified Court System is dedicated to ensuring that all qualified individuals with disabilities have equal and full access to the courts, including domestic violence survivors with disabilities.This webinar, previously recorded on June 7, 2017,  will allow participants to hear directly from court administrators about: the right to an accommodation in any New York court, the court system’s responsibility under the ADA, the types of accommodations that courts can grant administratively or judicially, the process of requesting an accommodation, aides and services that cannot be provided under ADA, and the denial of an accommodation process.
Presenters:  Dan Weitz, Esq., ADA Statewide Coordinator, NYS Unified Court System, Amy Pontillo, Esq., Senior Counsel, NYS Unified Court System and Monique Taylor, Management Analyst, NYS Unified Court System.

Download a PDF copy of the presentation here!