Malcolm McCollough

Kelly Kmcbride February 03, 2023

Malcolm McCollough joined Empire Justice Center’s Rochester office in February 2023 as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator with CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope). CASH is a community coalition led by Empire Justice and the United Way of Greater Rochester. Malcolm has a BS in Marketing from St. John’s University. He has experience in real estate as an active real estate agent, former wholesaler, and avid learner in real estate investing. Malcolm also has experience in educational roles at St. John’s University, as a Peer Research Specialist and Co-Facilitator at SuitUp Incorporated. In 2016, Malcolm helped found and serve VP at Spencerport High School’s D.A.S.H. 2 Change (Declare Action to Shift Humanity); an initiative to educate and spread awareness to students and faculty of the misrepresentation of students of color. The organization gave students a platform and caused social and racial progress within the district. In his free time Malcolm enjoys playing basketball, learning financial education, and spending time with loved ones.