Linda Hassberg

Kristi Khughes October 26, 2018

Linda Hassberg is a senior staff attorney in Empire Justice Center’s Long Island office. Linda’s primary responsibility is impact litigation to bring about systemic change, primarily in the areas of public benefits, civil rights, health and family law.

Linda joined the Empire Justice Center in 2007 to help open the Long Island Office. Prior to that time, she served as litigation counsel of the not-for-profit Western New York Law Center in Buffalo, New York, where she conducted individual and class action impact litigation on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged in the areas of public benefits, health care, education, housing discrimination, and civil rights. Her other legal experiences include association with a private law firm in a practice devoted to the rights of people with disabilities and special education law. She also maintained a practice in union-side labor and employment law.

Linda graduated magna cum laude from the University of Buffalo Law School in 1992 and clerked for the Hon. John T. Curtin, USDJ for the Western District of New York from 1992-95. Prior to law school, Linda was a union activist, educator, and organizer for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees “AFSCME” and holds a Masters degree in U.S. Social and Labor History.