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Remember – the only thing that the preparer have are the screening notes and the information on the 13614-C.  These need to be written clearly with explanations.  This will help volunteers move the process along and hopefully eliminate emails and give Staff time to work with clients. 

  1. Make sure Filing Status is noted and if necessary an explanation of why
  2. Dependent section –
    1. In-person – if someone on that section is not to be used as a dependent, please cross out the name and/or note why. 
    2. On-line – write not claiming in the “Grey Section”
  3. Clear notation of stimulus payments – don’t have to have proof, just assurance from the client.
    1. For in-person, There is now a sticker on the 13614-C for both stimulus payments. – please make sure this is done.
  4. Review rules for EIP Payments – on IRS.Gov
  5. If using “Staff Discretion” note clearly on screening sheet
  6. For on-line – any notes go on Screening Sheet
  7. If the client does not load back of license and you can get doc# from them, then note on screening sheet
  8. Make sure that the grey area on the 13614-C is filled out for dependents.
  9. If there is a name on the 13614-C dependent section whom the client is not claiming, please either cross out or clearly note that this person is not being claimed