The River Runs Dry II: The Persistent Mortgage Drought in Rochester’s Communities of Color

Empire Justice July 28, 2015

For economic recovery to be long-term and stable, it is critical that all communities – high income and low income, African American, Latino and white – share in the recovery. All families have a right to basic economic security and a chance to share in the American Dream. These values are the basis of the federal Fair Lending and Community Reinvestment Acts. For American families, homeownership can be a key piece of the American Dream. It says you are part of it and enables the opportunity to build wealth through equity. Our entire economy benefits when all families have a fair chance at economic security and opportunity.

This report examines which families and communities have a fair chance at this part of the American Dream via access to mortgage credit. We look at how mortgage lending has changed during the recent economic recovery – from 2010 through 2013. We examine home purchase lending by applicant and by community to see whether all families and communities are benefiting equally in this part of the economic recovery.

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