The Mortgage Meltdown II: New York’s continuing foreclosure crisis and the need to help homeowners avoid the loss of their homes.

Empire Justice March 09, 2011

New analysis of data from the Federal Reserve of New York shows that the foreclosure crisis in New York is far from over – and without legislative action to provide funding for the state’s “Foreclosure Prevention Services Program,” thousands of homeowners will have little help in saving their homes when foreclosure strikes.  Funding for the program, which provides access to housing counseling and legal assistance, is scheduled to run out December 31, 2011.  Without restoration programs will not be able to accept any new cases and will need to wind down their current caseload immediately in order to close the program by the end of the year.


The Mortgage Meltdown II

Press Release

Flood of Foreclosures Expected Just as Funding to Help Homeowners Dries Up

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