SSI Budgeting Help Arrives

Kristi Khughes May 14, 2018

Figuring out an SSI budget that includes spousal or parental deeming is way too much math for number challenged English majors who went to law school to read, not count. Luckily for them (or us), several tools are available that even those of us with allergies to abstract algebra can comprehend.


The first is the Chart of Monthly Breakeven Points in deeming situations. The chart is updated when the Social Security COLA information makes changes to the SSI federal benefit rate. Leslie Molina of the Community Service Society of New York was kind enough to share the 2018 chart with us, and we thank her. https://empirejustice.org/resources_post/deeming-guide-budgeting-workbook/


Another tool is Jim Murphy’s SSI/SSP Budget Estimator Workbook, updated to include 2018 numbers. Jim is an experienced attorney at Legal Services of Central New York. He has put a lot of time and effort into this remarkable budgeting tool, and we thank him.  https://empirejustice.org/resources_post/federal-eaja-hourly-rates-march-1996-through-september-2017/