SSA Publishes Annual Waterfall Chart

Empire Justice Center April 30, 2020

Table 3.24—”Fiscal Year 2019 Disability Decision Data*

* Includes Title II, Title XVI, and concurrent initial disability determinations and appeals decisions issued in FY 2019, regardless of the year in which the initial claim was filed, and regardless of whether the claimant ever received benefits (in a small number of cases with a favorable disability decision benefits are subsequently denied because the claimant does not meet other eligibility requirements.)  Does not include claims where an eligibility determination was reached without a determination of disability.  If a determination or appeals decision was made on Title II and Title XVI claims for the same person, the results area treated as one concurrent decision.

Prepared by: SSA, ODPMI (Office of Disability Program Management Information)




Date Prepared: January 15, 2020

Data Sources:  1.  Initial and Reconsideration Data: SSA State Agency Operations Report; 2. Administrative Law Judge and Appeals council Data: SSA Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) and Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight (OARO); 3. Federal Court Data: SSA Offices of General Council