Seeking Protection from Domestic Violence in New York’s Family Court

Amy Schwartz-Wallace September 30, 2017

Information for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence with Limited English Proficiency.

All too often, victims of domestic violence find the court system overwhelming and confusing as they attempt to seek help and some degree of protection from an abuser.  This is an even bigger issue for immigrants, who may not speak English very well or at all. In addition to the very real fear of retribution from the abuser, concerns about possible deportation or other immigration issues may prevent these victims from seeking help from law enforcement or the courts, trapping them in a vicious cycle of abuse due to mistrust or anxiety.

In an effort to help alleviate barriers for domestic violence victims with limited English proficiency, Empire Justice Center has developed a resource that provides answers to frequently asked questions about how to obtain an order of protection and to fully access Family Court.

The brochure is now available in the top seven languages in which interpreters are sought in the NYS Courts, as well as in English:




Haitian Creole



Simplified Chinese