Reach Out to Your Public Affairs Specialists

Empire Justice Center July 31, 2020

As detailed elsewhere in this newsletter, Social Security Field Office (FOs) and District Offices (DOs) are still closed, although allegedly staff will meet with claimants and beneficiaries with “critical” needs. Arranging these meetings may be easier said than done. But there may be ways to reach claims representatives at the DOs and FOs. You can try contacting the Regional Public Affairs Office by email (ny.rpa@ssa.gov), phone (212-264-2500), or fax (833-914-1786), or contact a particular Public Affairs Specialist.


While most of their work involves public education and outreach, the Public Affairs Specialists also can help with your local field offices.  If you are experiencing difficulty reaching a local Social Security office, ask your Public Affairs Specialist for help.  The PA will need your client’s name, phone number, and ZIP Code, with a brief summary of the issue, which you may send by email.  However, DO NOT INCLUDE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS WHEN SENDING AN EMAIL, SINCE EMAIL ISN’T ALWAYS SECURE.