More Oversight of VBA CEs Needed

Empire Justice Center January 28, 2019

In a report published in November 2018, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded the Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA) oversight of its contracted medical examiners is inadequate.  The VBA is increasingly using contracted examiners to help determine if a veteran should receive disability benefits. But the VBA has been lax in completing quality reviews of the exam reports. And the majority of those reviewed fell below the VBA’s targets in terms of errors and timeliness. Nor did the VBA verify whether the contracted examiners have completed training, or does is assess the effectiveness of the training in preparing examiners.


Hmm…does any of this sound familiar? Apparently the last time the GAO studied SSA CEs was 1985, when it found SSA still lacked reasonable assurance it was obtaining good quality medical examinations and reports and preventing the purchase of unnecessary examinations. https://www.gao.gov/products/HRD-86-23.