Online AC Appeals Now Accepted

Empire Justice Center July 31, 2018

Requests for review at the Appeals Council can now be filed online.  Request for Review of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing decision or dismissal (i520).  The new online i520 process accepts both medical (disability) and non-medical (non-disability) appeals of an ALJ hearing decision or dismissal. Claims will automatically be routed to the correct Appeals Council Branch.


An on-line request for Appeals Council review requires information from the denial notice, including the date of the denial and the claimant’s address.  It can be completed by a representative on behalf of the claimant.  Supporting documents, including an Appointment of Representative form or a brief, can be attached.  Or additional information and documents can be submitted later via fax or mail.  The online Request for Review includes an option for requesting an extension of time to submit additional materials, including new evidence or a brief.  Note, however, the system cannot be used to request an extension of time for filing a civil action, Federal court review, or review of an ALJ decision remanded by a Federal court.


While the new online i520 process is SSA’s preferred method for filing a Request for Review, it will continue to accept requests by mail or fax. But be sure not to submit multiple review requests by filing online and by mail or fax, as it could delay processing.


The system is available at the following times (in the Eastern time zone): Monday-Friday 5am-1am; Saturday 5am-11 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m.