Nuisance Ordinances & Domestic Violence: Resources

Empire Justice August 30, 2016


August 30, 2016

 New York State Legislation:

A.1322 (Lavine) / S.4955 (Robach) (2015)
Establishes the right of tenants to call police or emergency assistance without fear of losing their housing as the result of landlord actions or local nuisance laws.

Memos of support and other documents:

Joint memo from Empire Justice Center, New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project

The Lawyers Committee against Domestic Violence – memo of support

New York Legal Assistance Group – memo of support

Sign on Letter: 74 Organizations around NYS Petition the Senate for Passage of S.4955

News Articles:

attn: (August 22, 2016): The Way You Can Be Punished for Calling 911

USA Today (October 5, 2015): Cities to battered women: SHUT UP or GET OUT

New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Spring 2014 Bulletin

International Business Times (March 18, 2014): Domestic violence victims threatened with eviction? ACLU sues Norristown, PA, over so-called nuisance ordinance

Reporting Public Affairs (Jan. 15, 2014): Kent’s criminal activity nuisance ordinance: Helpful or Harmful?

NY Daily Record (Sept. 3, 2013): Commentary: Public nuisance laws are an unconstitutional nuisance

ABA Journal (Sept. 1, 2013): Ordinance that evict tenants for seeking police aid is putting abused women out on the street 

Huffington Post (Aug. 18, 2013): Evicted for calling 911: ‘Nuisance Property” laws hard on domestic violence victims 

NY Times (Aug. 17, 2013): Victims dilemma: 911 calls can bring eviction Salon (April 29, 2013): When a domestic violence victim is legally a “nuisance”

RH Reality Check (June 4, 2013): How domestic violence survivors get evicted from their homes after calling the police 

Democrat & Chronicle (March 7, 2013): Rochester nuisance ordinance needs work

The Evening Tribune (July 1, 2011) Peeso, at center of Hornell nuisance property lawsuit, to stand trial for harassment

NY Daily Record (April 12, 2007): Fight for fair housing continues every day

Democrat & Chronicle (February 17, 2007) East Rochester law decried

Reports & Scholarly Articles:

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law (Aug. 2013): The cost of being “crime free”

The Shriver Brief (Aug. 20, 2013): “Crime free” but at what cost? 

American Sociology Review (2013): Unpolicing the urban poor: Consequences of third-party policing for inner-city women

Fordham Law Review (2012): Recognizing the right to petition for victims of domestic violence

Litigation Involving Domestic Violence & Nuisance Ordinances:

Laurie Grape and Darla Wilce v. Town/Village of East Rochester

Briggs v. Borough of Norristown et. al