New York’s Exchange Portal: A Gateway to Coverage for Immigrants

Trilby deJung, Barbara Weiner September 04, 2015

Health Insurance Exchanges have the potential to eliminate many existing barriers to health insurance coverage for low-income workers facing reductions in salaries and benefits.  Immigrant families, whose incomes tend to be lower to begin with, have been particularly hard hit by escalating health care costs. National figures from 2010 indicate that 75% of workers in noncitizen families were in traditional blue collar jobs, as compared to 60% of workers from citizen families. The average median annual income for noncitizens was $25,000, roughly half the amount for citizen households. In New York, home to 4.3 million immigrants, noncitizens are over three times as likely as citizens to lack health insurance.

This newest update clarifies that noncitizens are considered PRUCOL for Medicaid purposes if they have evidence that the immigration services have affirmatively decided not to pursue their  deportation, for example, if they present a court order showing that removal proceedings against them have been terminated.

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