Human Services Budget Testimony 2020

Policy Central and Staff January 31, 2020


The New York State economy has again been relatively robust this past year. But circumstances have nevertheless conspired to produce a looming budget deficit that jeopardizes the State’s support for human services. But the need to sustain and even increase that support is unabated and as urgent as ever. One need only look at, for example, record-breaking homelessness and the chronic inability of low and modest income New Yorkers to meet their child care needs to confirm that there is much to be done. We cannot succumb to artificial constraints that would deny adequate funding to address these needs. We have the opportunity and the capacity to take action in behalf of those most in need, to expand and solidify the safety net and to enact and provide funding for dramatic, progressive change. We urge the Legislature to decisively affirm its Constitutional commitment to aid and support the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

This testimony touches on the work of the New York State Office for the Aging, the Office of Children and Family Services, the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, the Office of New Americans, the Department of State, and the Department of Health.

Read the testimony here: Human Services Budget Testimony 2020 – Empire Justice Center.