EmpoweredNYC Offers Financial Counseling

Empire Justice Center July 31, 2019

Citibank, the City of New York, and the National Disability Institute (NDI) have teamed up to launch Empowered Cities, a national initiative to improve financial access, stability, and opportunity for lower income people with disabilities and their families.  The first municipal program, EmpoweredNYC, is built on New York City’s existing Financial Empowerment Centers model and now offers free, specialized financial counseling and coaching designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of households with disabilities.

EmpoweredNYC is an initiative designed to assist people with disabilities better manage finances and become more financially stable. Free one-on-one financial counseling is available by appointment.  And Empowerment ED offers free monthly webinar series for service providers, caseworkers, other professionals who work with people with disabilities to better understand and address the unique financial situations of people with disabilities.