Empire Justice Memo of Support: Require Districts to Maintain Child Care Waiting Lists

Kristi Khughes April 25, 2017

A.5836 (Walker)

This bill would amend Social Services Law §410-z to require local social services districts to maintain waiting lists of all families who are eligible for child care assistance, and to provide an annual report to the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) commencing October 15, 2019, which will detail the length of time that eligible families remain on the waiting list before they receive child care services, and OCFS in turn will compile the county by county reports into one comprehensive report which will be submitted to the Governor and the Legislature no later than December 1, 2019.

The amendment to §410-z will also require each social services district to provide an annual report by month, which details by poverty percentages the income levels of all families that apply for and receive child care subsidies, as well as the income levels of those families that are denied child care services.  This amendment is critically important for the reasons set forth below.  Empire Justice Center strongly supports this bill and has suggestions for three technical amendments that would strengthen it.

Read our entire memo of support below (with recommendations).


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