Deeming Guide, SSI-SSP Budgeting Workbook and Deeming Chart

Michelle Michelle March 01, 2022

This Deeming Guide, which is updated annually, provides the break-even points at which a claimant will no longer be financially eligible for SSI, based on income deemed to SSI beneficiaries from parents or spouses, and shows how much SSI for which a beneficiary will be eligible before the “break-even” point.

Although the guide is a handy reference, the specifics of actual deeming calculations can be quite daunting. Jim Murphy of Legal Services of Central New York has crafted this “deeming workbook” in Excel that will calculate budgets in 2021 and can go back to 2000.

SSI/SSP Benefit Levels Charts (1976-2019)

2000-2021 SSI-SSP Budget Workbook

2022 SSI Deeming Chart