Cost Analysis: Targeting Child Care Dollars to Low Wage Working Parents

Empire Justice Center March 24, 2015

Every year the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) allocates the money that is in the New York State Child Care Block Grant (NYSCCBG) to local social services districts according to a formula that is based on the average level of annual child care claims for the last five years, which is then reduced if the county has unspent roll-over child care block grant funding exceeding a certain percentage from the prior years.   The allocations which go to each district are not sufficient to serve all eligible families.  The decisions regarding who to serve is in part determined by the law, which guarantees child care to certain categories of families, and in part based on district option.  With respect to those families who are not guaranteed child care, OCFS allows districts to prioritize the use of their remaining limited funds in the county plan which is filed with OCFS.

Three categories of families are guaranteed a child care subsidy:

  • Those on public assistance;
  • Those under 200% of poverty who have left public assistance in the prior year for work or because of increased child support; and
  • Those who are eligible for public assistance but choose only to receive a child care subsidy.

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