Buying a Used Car

Empire Justice December 23, 2016

Here are several resources to check out when considering buying a used car:

  • Federal Trade Commission’s Buying a Used Car. Before you start shopping for a used car, do some homework. It may save you serious money. Consider your driving habits, what the car will be used for, and your budget. Research models, options, costs, repair records, safety tests, and mileage — online and through libraries and bookstores. Also in PDF.
  • Get the Vehicle’s History. If you’re buying a used car, the FTC recommends getting a vehicle history report before you buy. Vehicle history reports can tell you a lot about a used car. A report might include ownership history, whether the car was in any accidents, its repair records, and whether it ever was declared as salvage.
  • Check for open safety recalls at: http://www.safercar.gov/.
  • Take control of your auto loan. Whether you’re a first time borrower or a pro, getting an auto loan can be complicated. Use these Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resources to learn how to prepare so you can save money, reduce stress, and get the auto loan that’s right for you.