April is National Social Security Month

Empire Justice Center April 30, 2019

In addition to April’s showers being harbingers of Spring and May’s flowers, April is also National Social Security Month.  This year, during National Social Security Month, SSA will focus on the online services it provides that help put all of us in control — with secure access to Social Security information anytime, anywhere.  According to the agency, National Social Security Month is a great time to create a my Social Security account at ssa.gov/mysocialsecurity, and learn how to:


  • Request a replacement Social Security card
  • Set up or change direct deposit
  • Get a proof of income letter
  • Change your address, if you get benefits
  • Check the status of your Social Security application
  • Get a Social Security 1099 form (SSA-1099)


For more than 80 years, Social Security has helped secure today and tomorrow with information, tools, and resources to meet changing needs and lifestyles. The agency is making a push to encourage more people to access more information and do more online.  See links below to numerous activities that can be done at Social Security’s website.


  • Need to check the status of your pending Social Security application? All you need to do is sign up for a my Social Security account!  See everything you can do with a my Social Security account: http://ow.ly/ugez30nS2IR #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • Want to sign up for direct deposit with Social Security? Need to change your direct deposit information?  You can do it all with your personal my Social Security account!  Learn more now: http://ow.ly/iAvl30nS2Mm #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • Receiving benefits and need to update your current address? Update your address online with your personal #mysocialsecurityaccount: http://ow.ly/DHxa30nS2Ss #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • You can request a #SocialSecurity replacement card online with your personal my Social Security account? Sign up today: http://ow.ly/efdO30nS2UU #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • If you need to provide proof of benefits, it is simple. Get a benefit verification letter online with your #mySocialSecurity account: http://ow.ly/j8g530nS32M #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • Get a copy of your #SocialSecurity 1099 (SSA-1099) tax form with your personal #mySocialSecurity account: http://ow.ly/uglJ30nS3bX #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • How secure is your financial future? Get the planning tools you need from Social Security:  http://ow.ly/fySY30nS2La #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


  • Do you plan to retire on your own terms? Get your plan started with Social Security’s free online tools: http://ow.ly/fySY30nS2La #NationalSocialSecurityMonth


In addition, SSA strongly encourages people to check wage earning activity online.  This is particularly important since after 2017, SSA no longer sends out annual earnings statements.  According to a recent NY Times article, a new report says millions of wage earners have never looked at their online statements.  In addition to helping wage earners plan for retirement, regular review of the earnings statements could help curtail identity fraud.