PRESS STATEMENT: 2019 Legislative Session – Significant Wins on Long-Standing Issues Good for Low Income New Yorkers

Eòghann Erenfroe June 21, 2019


For Immediate Release: June 21, 2019

Contact: Kristin Brown, 518-852-5766


“This legislative session brought progress on so many long fought issues that will be good for low income New Yorkers – it was a sprint from the first days of session all the way to the end,” said Kristin Brown, Vice President for Policy and Government Relations. “From early success on GENDA, the transgender rights bill, and budget victories that continued funding for legal services for homeowners and immigrants, multiple domestic violence and child care related victories, homeowners protections from scams and more, Empire Justice saw victories on many pieces of legislation we worked on for years.

“We are especially proud of our work to pass several hard fought bills to do with worker rights, sanctions on public assistance recipients, extending the protections of the Human Rights Law to public school students, drivers licenses for immigrant New Yorkers, and preserving the right to call 911 for domestic violence and crime victims. One keen disappointment, however, was the failure to pass several bills that would have protected college students from the predatory behavior of some for-profit colleges. We will continue to build support for those bills leading up to next year. In the meantime, we will push for Governor Cuomo to sign these and all of our legislative victories into law.”