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Our People


Our People: A CASH Blog

CASH could not run without the support of our volunteers, interns and staff. Meet the people behind the scenes. 


Meet Notch


Notch is one of our longest-serving volunteers with 16 years of service under his belt. Notch has a seemingly quiet demeanor but that’s what makes our clients trust him. They know his face, and they can feel his patience. Read more on our sit-down with Notch and how volunteering with CASH has changed his life in more ways than one.

How long have you worked at CASH? I’ve been at CASH for 16 years

Why do you come back year after year? It’s one of the few volunteer opportunities where you get to interact face to face. It’s the personal and intense way we serve at CASH. Where you get to know about finances and get to know them [clients]. It’s also the intellectual stimulation, you have to problem-solve and keep up with things and learn new things every year which is good at my age

Do you use the personal tax benefit? Yes, I do my own and I do it for my family members. For the past four to five years they [my family] were interested in CASH and they wanted me to do them but didn’t want to come downtown. They know me and I see them anyways.

How easy is it to use the personal tax benefit? It’s easy! Most of the time it takes 30 minutes or less to do my family members at home and then someone else quality reviews it to double-check.

What do you want people to know about CASH? People assume that they don’t qualify or are out of the scope, but most do! Three out of six [people] are typically out of scope without CASH they have to go to a paid tax preparer and CASH helps them to save money.

How has CASH changed your life? Over the years I’ve become good personal friends with other preparers. We have lunch or breakfast once a week and during the summer we eat Thursday night dinner together. It’s a good way to make friends, it’s a social thing as well.