Notice of Class Action Settlement in Karamalla v. Devine

Shannon Sswiatek November 29, 2019

Empire Justice Center has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit.  The lawsuit claimed that the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) violated the law by denying Safety Net Assistance (SNA), a type of cash public assistance, to individuals based on their temporary protected immigration status (TPS). The case is called Karamalla v. Devine, (Index No. 2015-000107, Erie County).

Individuals are members of the settlement class if, between June 17, 2012 and October 14, 2016, they applied for benefits and were denied assistance because of their TPS. The Court ordered that this Notice of Class Action Settlement, available in English here and in Spanish here, be provided to class members. Class members can also review the full settlement agreement submitted to the Court here.

If you are a non-citizen with TPS, you can now receive Safety Net Assistance (SNA) if you meet the other eligibility rules. If you are in need of Temporary Assistance, you may be able to get it if you fill out an application at your local social services district, and meet all the eligibility requirements. OTDA will not share any information about you or your public assistance with federal immigration authorities unless legally required to do so.

If you are a person with TPS and have questions about this lawsuit, you can contact us:

By emailing         PublicAssistanceTPS@empirejustice.org
or calling             518-935-2695.