PRESS RELEASE: Empire Justice Center Blasts Trump Decision to Rescind Protections for Trans Students

Eòghann Renfroe February 23, 2017

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February 23, 2017

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Empire Justice Center absolutely condemns the federal government’s rescission of critical guidance that directed publicly-funded schools about how to ensure equal access to educational resources and facilities for transgender and gender non-conforming students. This is a clear indication that President Trump and his administration will not support the basic civil rights of our nation’s most vulnerable LGBTQ youth.

It is important to note that the revocation of these guidelines, which helped schools understand how to best comply with existing legal protections, does not revoke those existing legal protections for transgender and gender non-conforming students under both State and Federal law, nor does it revoke the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) guidance for New York State public schools. This guidance, which Empire Justice Center is proud to have co-authored with NYSED, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), and other advocacy groups, helps schools across New York State to create safe and supportive school environments for all students while complying with both Federal and State laws, such as the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), which explicitly includes protections related to gender identity and expression.

Empire Justice Center is prepared to fight for the right that all students, including transgender and gender non-conforming students, have to an equitable education in New York State.