For the Record Replaced?

Empire Justice September 30, 2015

Having trouble downloading audio files from ERE (SSA’s Electronic Records Express)? According to ODAR, SSA has updated its multimedia application. Some hearings were recorded using DRAP 7 and are playable using For the Record (FTR). All the hearing offices, however, are in the process of updating to DRAP 8. Hearings recorded with DRAP 8 use the OGG format. OGG files do not play on The Record Player.

Jennifer Karr of the Rochester office of the Empire Justice Center downloaded a program (OGG Vorbis- fish icon) from the OGG website and has been able to play the files on Window Media Player. She reports there are other several other “players” that will directly play OGG files, but FTR will not.

For the record, thanks to Jennifer for keeping us up to date.