EMPIRE JUSTICE STATEMENT: Empire Justice Center Statement on DACA Repeal

Empire Justice September 08, 2017

Anger.  Heartbreak.  Action.  With one stroke of a poisoned pen, the Trump administration is sending hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, families and communities around this great nation into terrible turmoil.  In turn, as New Yorkers, as Americans, we ALL must stand in solidarity with you fearless young immigrants who put yourselves at risk, but are pushing back – hard and fast – for your rights, for your families, for all of our communities. Empire Justice Center Stands with you.

By rescinding the promise of deferred action made by the Obama administration, the message is clear: despite your hard work, your taxes paid, your living in and loving this country, you cannot trust in the words and promises of your government.  Indeed, for the 800,000 DACAmented people who came forward and complied with all the rules set forth by the United States government, rules that granted Deferred Action in immigration proceedings, provided  Employment Authorization to  work legally and pay all related employment and social security taxes, what else is there to think?

No wonder the response to this unjust rescission of DACA has been so fierce and immediate.

It is now up to Congress to do what is necessary and right – pass a measure to protect our young people.  Here at Empire Justice Center, we will do all we can to hold them to that.  And we will do all we can to help protect the rights of those impacted by this wrong and misguided move by staying true to our mission: to make the law work for ALL New Yorkers.