Expedited Review for Consumer Relief under the Ocwen Settlement

Shannon Sswiatek January 01, 2014

As many of you know, Ocwen is now obligated to give $2 Billion in first lien principal reduction to homeowners nation-wide and roughly $300 Million is expected to flow to New York families according to Ocwen. As discussed on the network call, the NYS Attorney General’s office see this as an opportunity to work with our HOPP partners to be pro-active about getting New York families relief under this Settlement.  The OAG is seeking information from HOPP grantees on loans that fit into the eligibility requirements below:

    1. Are in first lien position;
    2. Serviced by Ocwen;
    3. Where you have been working with the homeowner to secure a loan modification.

We have created a spreadsheet which contains all of the information we need for any of your clients whom you would like the OAG to submit to Ocwen for an expedited review for modification. The fields are spelled out below.

Please report the eligible loans in the spreadsheet and provide all of the information below:

    • Organization’s name
    • Advocate’s name
    • Organization’s Client ID (same Client ID used for reporting to the Center/Empire Justice Center – – not HOPP ID)
    • Homeowner’s first and last name
    • Ocwen loan number
    • Whether the loan is GSE or non-GSE (if known)
    • Likelihood of whether the homeowner qualifies for a loan modification

Download the Ocwen spreadsheet here!

The Center for New York City Neighborhoods will be collecting this information for all of the HOPP partners.  We ask that you please use the attached Excel spreadsheet, and send the completed form to the Center’s Program Manager for Homeowner Support, Herman De Jesus, at herman.dejesus@cnycn.org by no later than February 6, 2014.  However, please note that we will continue to accept any new Ocwen cases you receive post-February 6, 2014 on an ongoing basis, and you should feel free to send that information directly to Herman.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your HOPP Regional Coordinator or Herman at 646-237-5924 or Herman.DeJesus@cnycn.org.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: This effort is not the same as an escalation request. If you have an Ocwen case that needs Escalation please follow the normal protocol and reach out to Candybelle Acevedo from the Center at 646-786-0891 or the OAG directly.