EDCAP strives to assist federal and private student loan borrowers across New York State in effectively managing their education debt and improving their financial health through free, unbiased, one-on-one counseling.


What We Do

EDCAP assists student loan borrowers with the following services:

  • Determining their best repayment plan
  • Accessing loan forgiveness, cancellation and discharge programs
  • Applying for consolidation, deferment, and forbearance
  • Getting out of default to prevent wage garnishments, social security offsets and tax intercepts
  • Mediating issues with loan servicers and lenders
  • Obtaining referrals for other services and resources to address additional needs.


Request an Appointment

Reach out to request an appointment with a Student Debt Counselor. A member of our team will follow up with you to schedule a session. Please email StudentDebt@empirejustice.org or call us at (518) 935-2849.

Please include: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, County of Residence


Our Network

EDCAP is a program created by the Community Service Society of New York. to address the disparate impact student loan debt has on the people of New York, Empire Justice Center has joined the EDCAP network to reach and assist borrowers in the Capital District.

Kirsten Keefe, Senior Attorney

Jordan Daniels, Student Debt Counselor


Latest News

Do you have federal student loans? Have you worked in public service (for a government agency, the military, or a non-profit organization)? If so, find out whether you’re eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Waiver. Find out the terms of eligibility HERE.

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